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Ch. Mueller, 2017-12-01
Congratulations to your first sampleset „Waldkirchen“, really excellent work! Now there is finally a modern organ sampleset for „Hauptwerk“ that meets high standards with regard to quality of the sampleset and enables a variety of applications.

K. Maier, 2017-12-07
Congratulations to the release of the Waldkirchen sample set, which follows the interesting approach of „listening from the console“ from the listening position, which is a special attraction for the connection to the choir organ!
It is this listening position that allows the instrument to be experienced both directly and spatially. You can also hear the prospect stops in their position without having to compromise on the mixability of the stops and the spatiality of the sound. Especially during long practice sessions you will notice that this instrument, despite its size, does not make you tired, but always remains intensive and present.
In the tutti (without special couplings) there is a rich sound, without screaming or shouting. Countless appealing sound colours can also be achieved due to the audible three-dimensionality (especially with spherical register mixes) (e. g. with the sound of the choir organ and swell). I am particularly impressed by the use of the old registers and their successful conversion to a different chest system with this sound statement! The intensive work and engagement with this instrument can also be experienced very intensively by means of a set. All in all, the result is very impressive! Congratulations on the first opus.