License terms

The organs were recorded under the permission of the parishes and the organ builders as accurate as possible. Missing or damaged sounds of the instruments were reproduced by adjacent or similar sounding pipes.

The licensor keeps the copyright of the sampleset. The licensee is not becoming the owner of the sampleset and gets only the right of use.

The buyer of the sampleset is allowed to:
1. store the database on the local harddisk and make a local copy.
2. install and play on private computers where you have a valid Hauptwerk(tm)  license.
3. make recordings and publish them on Making commercial recordings is only allowed with the advanced permission of the sampleset producer.
4. use the samples to build a custom organ.

The buyer of the sampleset is not allowed to:
1. install and play it in a public area like a church or concert hall.
2. resell, lease ore share it in public networks.
3. modify or remove samples.

The license terms are regulated under german law, even when they are written in English. The court of jurisdiction is seated at the home of the sampleset producer. Violating these terms is criminal and will be persecuted and punished under criminal and civil law.