Technical Details and Requirements

All samples were recorded in stereo at 24 Bit/48 kHz, for optimum realism with long, medium and short releases. Then they were modified with a specific denoising-algorithm to save their harmonics. The long notes contain up to 6 loops .

The compass of the manuals is extended to 61 keys, the pedal compass to 32 keys. This provides a wider range than the original compass (manuals 58 keys, pedal 30 keys).

The sound concept consists in the organist’s view. It was intended to give you maximum clarity in playing, but also to blend the stops together to get a good room impression. The Positiv,  placed above the console, speaks very direct, the Hauptwerk a little more distant, and the Swell more far away under the ceiling. The choir organ, far away from the console, sounds rather indirect and gives you nice echo effects. If you have a surround configuration, please route it to the rear speakers.

This sampleset requires Hauptwerk 4 and higher. To load the organ with 24 Bit uncompressed, you need a computer with minimum 22 GB free RAM.